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The Restaurant

The Restaurant

Climbing the stairs of the country you enter the narrow streets and see a warm meeting place that has its roots in 1990. Everyday from morning, "The Piazza" greets us like coffee. Fresh juices, strong and refreshing coffee, combined with the essential meal of the day-breakfast. As mesimeriazei the baton gets the restaurant and introduces us to local delights and traditional Greek recipes. It operates all year round, with indoor and outdoor seating. Wooden tables earth tones and photos of the island beautify the walls and take us to the old days.
Can you drink from freddo up Greek and combine with eggs, scrambled eggs, yogurt with honey, fresh bread and butter. A homemade Greek breakfast.
John Paouris sets the tone and the kitchen. With great care has edited seafood dishes and more. We will find cooked like moussaka, lasagne, burgers Canadian (tomato and ham baked in the oven), oily as imam, beans, beans, homemade pies, dakos and many salads.
We tried the barley cake and initiated the taste of Kea, and left us very good impressions octopus stew, the baked sardines and old starters. Local Paspalas products, loza and smoked sausage are a permanent selection of those who come to Jia ....
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